Don’t Be Sad On Singles Awareness Day!

You know, Valentines Day, it’s really overrated. There are a lot of advantages to being single, so if you are single make the most of your own special day. You haven’t had to spend Valentines Day in a crowded restaurant. You’ve saved a fortune on overpriced roses. So it’s time to treat yourself.

February 15th is the day for anyone who is not coupled up to appreciate just what they’ve got. Rent a movie and snuggle up the sofa. You won’t have to argue about what film to watch and you can eat a whole box of chocolates all to yourself.

Crack open a bottle of something sparkling and chill out. If you do want to share the day then why not ring up your singleton friends and have a treat night together? They may well be glad of the invite.

You could even order yourself flowers. Who says you can’t? Go on, spoil yourself. Book a massage, get your nails painted. Go shopping for some new clothes. Of course you’re just super on your own, but if you do decide to give love a go you’ll have something fab to wear on a date.

If you know someone who is single and isn’t too happy about that fact, then why not make the effort to spoil them a little? If you have a friend who will be feeling down over Valentines Day, do something about it and put a smile on their face. Flowers, chocolates or just a text to say ‘Hi’ can make all the difference when you’re feeling low.

You could even treat yourself, or a single friend to a new private plate. With prices starting at £40 that’s way less than you’d have spent on a meal out for Valentines Day so you deserve it!

Appreciate all the benefits you get from being single. You get the TV remote all to yourself. You can spread out in bed without annoying anyone. You’ve no annoying in-laws to put up with and no partners terrible bad habits to get on your nerves. There really are a lot of plus points!

However you spend the day be glad not sad on Singles Awareness Day!