Snuggle Up For National Bed Month

March is National Bed Month. You might be thinking that is a bit silly, but when you discover that a lack of sleep has been closely linked to depression and obesity, two major issues of our modern world, you realise just how important a good night’s sleep really is.

So many of us just don’t get a decent night’s sleep. So here are our top tips for getting a restful night. You’ll feel better and it’s great for your health too…

The perfect environment

Make sure your bedroom is just right for sleeping. Try and make it really dark. If you have a street light outside your window then invest in a blackout blind to cut out that extra light. Get the temperature right too. Too hot or too cold and you won’t sleep properly.

Don’t check your phone

It can be tempting to look at your phone in bed. Then before you know it you’ve been on Facebook for an hour. Not only does this use up your sleeping time, but the blue light given off by our mobile gadgets actually tricks our brains into thinking it is daylight. This causes hormones to be released that will make us feel more awake. So try and leave your phone outside the bedroom.

Make sure your bed is comfortable

Studies show that if you get a more comfortable bed, you could get an extra 42 minutes of sleep each night. Perhaps now is the time to replace that saggy old mattress for a new one. And mayhap get some weighted blanket fillers for the existing blankets. Or you can check out this complete Eva Bedroom Bundle. If that proves to be too expensive then how about a topper? You can buy toppers made from memory foam or feathers, whichever you find most comfortable.

Get into a routine

It has been proven that if you go to bed at the same time each night, you’re more likely to sleep well.

Avoid food and caffeine late at night

Caffeine wakes your mind and body up, and digesting food can also make you feel more awake. It’s a good idea not to have late night snack before bed, and drink decaffeinated tea and coffee in the evenings.

So do follow our tips and make March the month when you get some extra rest. Our boss has his top tip for a good night’s sleep. He reckons  that if you work harder, you’ll be more tired and will sleep better. Hmmm, I’ve suggested a better solution would be to give us a day off so we can spend the whole day in bed catching up on lost sleep. He didn’t seem all that impressed for some reason!

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