Are Cherished Number Plates still those old expensive plates?


Cherished plates as a phrase is one that conjures up the idea of a plate that is particularly significant to it’s owner, and that they bring with them from car to car. Indeed this has grown to be accepted in the motor industry as a phrase but that’s not what it always meant. It used to refer to a specific kind of plate and for many it still does.

The History of Cherished plates

The original use of the term “cherished number plates” was to refer to the old type of “dateless” number plates issued before 1963. These older plates are obviously quirkier and stand out more on the road. Like anything from before 1963 that’s worth having they are harder to get hold of and much sought after. So higher prices tend to be the order of the day for these plates.

As we’ve already mentioned though, a cherished plate doesn’t have to be one of these older plates it might just mean something to you and your friends.

Why modern plates can be cherished plates too

A plate can have significance and meaning to someone for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes it’s an unusual coincidental number, sometimes it’s the letters make up a persons name or initials and for some it can even be the reg of their first ever car.

Lucky numbers and birthdays, can also be a reason, and if a plate spells out your job or hobby or even your favourite sports team then that can be fun and different too. After all, who are we in the motor trade to dictate what anyone should cherish? For the record though we’re pretty sure you can’t have “MAN UTD”. (You can dream though right?)

Older plate or Modern Plate it doesn’t matter

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what any outside definition of a cherished plate is really at all, what really matters is you and what your plate says about you. A cherished plate is something you can use to keep on saying it for years to come. You just pay the transfer fee to move your cherished number plate to your new vehicle whenever you change your car.

And if it’s cherished for a VERY significant reason it might even be something you pass on to the next generation of drivers when the time comes.