Most Popular Baby Names 2011

When a customer phones into us their top request is a number plate that resembles their name or has their initials.

Self identification and pride in your name is something I’m sure we can all relate with, even if when you where younger and hated your name and wanted to be called Batman or Princess Jasmine.

As with everything in our world names can go in and out of fashion, and new parents always want to stay ahead of the trend, especially when it comes to celebrity parents who like to grace their children with such names as: Pilot Inspektor, Apple and Sage Moonblood….

However our tastes seem to be rather simpler than theirs and the most popular names from 2011 have recently been released showing that traditional names seem to be on a comeback.

Harry and Amelia were the most popular first names given to babies born in England and Wales in 2011, according to the Office for National Statistics, now this may be because of Little Mix and One Directions XFactor fame, but at least you’re not naming your child after a fruit!

Other popular names to arise where, George, Jacob and Ava, all lovely names that we think would look twice as good on a number plate. We look forward to selling a fleet of Harry and Amelia personalised number plates in the future, when they want to show pride in their name.