Looking for your Private Number Plates?

Private Number Plates

Increasingly when we personally own and cherish an item we like to personalised it with our own individual trademark. That way, we and others can easily recognise if they are ever stolen. Cars, for example, can undergo this process if you transfer the private number plates on it.

These plates are not just for fashion statement or for status acknowledgement, they are all a legal requirement by law. However this does not mean that they will be very expensive, in fact you’ll be surprised they are priced from as little as £50.

Finding the right plates to purchase your cheap registration plates is very easy. Especially when using Speedyreg’s clever search facility. When you find your perfect number plates, you will be given the full breakdown of the price on the website, price, plus VAT plus Transfer Fee.

Upon purchasing, then you will either receive a Certificate of Entitlement or V317 Transfer Form requesting your vehicle documents. Once the registration has been transferred onto your vehicle and you would like to transfer if onto another vehicle, it will cost you another £80 Transfer Fee.

These cheap car number plates are readily available through Speedyreg. Enjoy the luxury of personalizing your car with private number plates.