Ultimate Adele Silva Number Plates?

Searching for Mr Silva Number Plates?

Searching for your perfect personalised number plates can very be very tedious and time consuming, so you have came to the right place to save time and money in obtaining your new number plates. We are currently offering MR61 LVA registration at the moment which is an excellent choice if your surname is Silva.  Silva is the most common surname in the Portuguese language, namely in Portugal and Brazil.

The future husband of the Emmerdale Soap actress Adele Silva may be interested in having this personalised number plate on their vehicle?   Adele plays the fictional character Kelly Windsor in the soap.

This registration would also be an excellent personalised registration for the Brazilian Martial Artist Antonio Silva. He initially fought in the super heavyweight division, but currently competes in the heavyweight weight class.

Can you think of any famous people that this registration would be perfect for?