JIL Irish Registration Plates

JIL registrations were issued in Fermanagh Local DVLA office from November 1993 to November 1994. It is interesting to note that Speedyreg is based in Fermanagh which was the county that issued all IL combinations, from AIL, BIL, GIL right through to YIL combinations. The IL combination was replaced in December 2004 with AIG registration.

The JIL combination is particularly popular as it spells the popular girls name Jil. When the local office was issuing these registrations back in 1993, they were very cheaply priced with prices starting under £100, a far cry from today’s prices. A four digit JIL for example JIL 3478 is priced at £450, which proves not only can you have your name on your vehicle, but they are also a sound investment. With the current economic crisis’s more people are turning to Number Plates to invest their money I, instead property.

The JIL combinations starting with 5 are more expensive, as appear to name the vehicle as Jil’s for example JIL 55. LIL combinations are not issued in the GB mainland they are only issued in Northern Ireland. They are commonly known as Irish Registrations. Irish registrations are dateless and therefore can be transferred onto any age of vehicle which is on major advantage for motorists wanting to hide the age of their vehicle. 

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JIL Irish Registrations

JIL Registrations

JIL Irish Registrations

JIL RegistrationsJIL Registrations