Are you a casual gamer?

Number Plates

If you love to spend your tea break playing a quick game, then we’ve got a treat for you. We’ve put together a list of car related online games that are free to play. We’ve chosen games that are easy to get into so you won’t waste your entire tea break reading instructions!

With great graphics, and the chance to win money to upgrade your vehicle, Smash Palace is a lot of fun. In real life, smashing your car up is expensive and dangerous, definitely not recommended, but in this game, smashes get you points. Get crashing at

We love the addictive Car Eats Car 2. Keep your car balanced, collect rubies, avoid the obstacles and see how far you can get. The gameplay is smooth and polished and the graphics are lovely. Give it a go, but you might not want to stop playing!


Do you love racing games? We do, and we’ve been playing Grand Prix Go from Mousebreaker.

Use the arrow keys to steer your way around the track. It’s pretty fun watching other people play too, some people here at Speedy Reg (who we won’t embarrass by telling you their names!) are particularly terrible at this game and it’s hilarious watching them try to stay on the track!

For a more relaxed experience, how about a nice jigsaw? We like this car jigsaw from Miniclip, it loads fast and it won’t take you too long to complete.