Hot Offers at Speedy Reg Now

Sunny Number Plates

The summer weather is hot, but our offers are even hotter. Take a look at our reduced price private registration plates and you’ll find a massive selection of amazing reductions to take your pick from.  Choose a new private registration to enjoy this summer while the hot weather lasts. The process is fast and easy, so you’ll get your plates in good time to show off on your summer days out.

We also have plenty of cheap dateless plates, so if you you’re looking for a plate to hide the age of your vehicle this summer, do take a look at what we have on offer. Our NI dateless plates are currently at incredibly low prices and we’ve got absolutely loads of them, so you won’t be stuck for choice.

You can search through all the plates we have available on our website. Our search is easy to use and it’s easy to narrow down your search so you don’t have to trawl through thousands of plates in one long list! When you’ve found a plate you love, the checkout process is simple, and our staff are always on hand to help you if you have any problems.

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