Novelty socks and a Christmas jumper?


What did Santa bring you? Did you get some fabulous presents or did you end up with some clothes you’ll never wear and an endless supply of ‘smellies’? Well it’s the thought that counts, so forget your disappointing Christmas presents and treat yourself!

Those great gifts you’d hoped you’d get for Christmas will probably be cheaper now in the sales, but if you really want to give yourself a great post-Christmas present, why not invest in a personalised number plate for the new year?

You don’t need to spend a fortune, prices start at under £99 and there’s so many great plates to choose from, you’re bound to find something apt that suits you to a tee. Ordering and registering your new plates isn’t a complicated procedure and doesn’t take too long so you’ll soon be driving around with your new head-turning plates.

Unlike other gifts, personalised plates tend to keep their value and usually increase in value, so not only is it a great present for yourself, but it’s also a very good investment too! So thank the kids for the musical tie, give granny a kiss for knitting you that snowman jumper, then get online and buy yourself something that you really want!

Photo credit:Matthew John Bloomfield/ Foter/ CC BY-SA