CAT plates for cat lovers


If you cant find a suitable private number plate featuring your own name then why not go for something relating to a hobby or an interest. A few members of the Speedy Reg team have a soft spot for cats and there have been several discussions in the office on the recently published book, ‘A Street Cat named Bob‘. The best selling biography tells the story of an unusual friendship between a recovering drug addict and a stray, ginger tom cat. The ginger moggy called Bob later proves to be really quite unique and ends up being not only a saviour to the book’s author James Bowen but also his meal ticket. Bob is now well known around the streets of London along with his owner James who sells the ‘Big Issue’ and does a bit of busking. Due to the phenomenal success of the book James is now in talks with Hollywood producers, who are planning on turning the book into a movie. Bob also has a massive fan base through twitter, facebook and  has his own online fan group where people send in photos and stories about their own cats.  We highly recommend this book to all cat lovers and also recommend CAT private number plates as a must to any serious feline fans.