RING! RING! It’s National Telephone Day!

The humble telephone has come a long way hasn’t it? I’m old enough to remember when some people didn’t even phones in their homes. If you wanted to get in touch you had two choices, go and knock on their door or send them a letter through the post!

Move on to more recent years and our phones are so much more than phones. The problem is, no one ever rings for a chat any more do they? When the land line rings, it’s either someone trying to convince me I’ve got PPI. No I haven’t. Or it’s a scammer claiming they are calling from Microsoft to fix my broken computer. No you’re not.

When I got my latest mobile phone, when it eventually did ring, about a month later, I actually had no idea how to answer it! I’d used it to text, I’d used it to send emails and I’d spent many hours on Facebook, but actually taking a call suddenly threw me into a panic!

Back in the day before text messaging and social media we’d spend hours on the phone, just catching up with friends and relatives. Sadly it seems those days are gone.

So National Telephone Day is about reclaiming the joy of a long telephone call for no real reason! Pick up the phone and call someone, it’ll make their day. Just to say hello. Perhaps you know someone who is lonely and lives alone and would love to hear about how you’re getting on. Or maybe you have an old friend you haven’t spoken to in years, go on, call them and have a catch up!

I asked my young nephews about making phone calls and one of them had never even made a call ever! It just wasn’t part of their lives. If they wanted to say Hi to Grandma and Grandpa they would send a text! I think any grandparents would love to get a call from their grandchildren out of the blue and hear their voices, so why not set this up for National Telephone Day and give them a lovely surprise?

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