Crackdown on illegal license plates

Number Plates

If your number plates don’t conform to the standards set out by the DVLA, now is the time to change them as police all over the UK are cracking down on it.

It may not seem like much to you, if your number plate is in a different font, or you’ve put a bolt in your plate to make a character look more like a different one, but it’s a criminal offence and you could be fined £1000.

It may seem picky but you have to realise that number plates aren’t just there for the speed cameras to pick up and send you a ticket, they’re also there to help solve major crimes. If your car was stolen and used in a crime, but a witness or camera couldn’t read the plate, a criminal could go free. In a worst case scenario, it could make the difference between catching a killer and letting them run loose to kill again. When you think about it like that, it doesn’t seem all that important to have a fancy font does it?

So check your plates, they must be reflective, they must be in the standard  Charles Wright font, and the spacing between the characters must not have been altered in any way. Your plates must be white at the front and yellow at the back, with black text. The plates must also be clean and easy to read.

If your plates aren’t standard, then you must replace them asap. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t cost you too much. You can order plates from Speedy Reg for just £20 and we guarantee that they conform to all the DVLA requirements.

Photo credit: kenjonbro / Foter / CC BY-NC