Sizzling summer sale prices

Number Plates It’s not just the barbecue sausages that will be sizzling this summer, we’ve got some sizzling prices too! Summer is the perfect time to update your private plates, or splash out on your very first personalised registration, and with prices this low, it certainly won’t break the bank. If you love the summer, you could choose one of our low priced SUN plates. We’ve got plates such as JU02 SUN and FE03 SUN available for just £199 +VAT. You can even spread your payments with our interest free finance option. We’ve also got a wide range of other ways to pay; you can use your cards, or pay via Paypal. Check out the cheap plates section of our website for some super sizzling summer sale prices. We’ve dramatically reduced the prices on absolutely loads of our plates, so you’re bound to find a great plate to suit you there. Of course our sale plates are a great bargain, but don’t forget to use our search facility to look for plates across our entire selection as you’ll find our plates are generally very well priced. We have plates from just £40. Image courtesy of amenic181 /