Gary Barlow tax avoidance scandal



In recent years Take That front man Gary Barlow has been praised for his services to music and his work with charity, he was recognised on a global scale for this work by being awarded an OBE in 2012.

It has however come to light in recent days that he and other members of Take That had entered into a tax avoidance scheme where money they had put in (£66 million in total to be exact) would be kept hidden to avoid any tax incurred.

Since this new came to light there have been calls for him to be stripped of his OBE and in the last day or two his Twitter account had been hacked and terrible comments posted about his stillborn child and homophobic slurs. The tweet was only live for a matter of minutes but disgusted fans voiced their concern and backed the singer stating that noone deserves this treatment no matter what they have done.

Popstar Lily Allen also aired her views on the social network stating that Barlow and other tax avoiders are the reason why the NHS is in such a state. PM David Cameron also criticised Barlow however he did say that he shouldn’t have to lose his OBE.

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