Books for number plate enthusiasts

If buying your personalised plate has given you a desire to learn more about number plates then there are several books available that might interest you.

If you like history then Number Plates: A History of Vehicle Registration in Britain by Dave Moss could be the perfect book for you, It covers the history of number plates as well as anecdotes and some very interesting facts. It’s one of those books that will keep you entertained and give you lots of fascinating facts to tell your friends!

Number Plates Worldwide by Gunther Bamler, Timothy Drake and Petra Schomburg-Bamler is another fascinating read. You’ll learn about the number plate systems of countries all over the world. This book too is full of the most interesting and entertaining facts.

For fans of personalised plates, Fanatical About Number Plates by Ruby Speechly is definitely worth a read. It’s full of true stories about people, just like you, who are also love their personalised plates. Read this and you’ll soon realise you’re not alone in your love of license plates! It’s not all stories though, there’s also information about how to register and transfer plates, as well as the history of plates, so it’s a useful book too.

Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML / Foter / CC BY-SA