ACZ Number Plates


Whatever happened to popular Irish family band The Corrs? They enjoyed much success back in the 1990’s with their trademark mix of pop rock and Celtic undertones not only enjoying success in their home country but also in the UK and beyond. Like many other popular 90’s bands they have disappeared into the unknown, however the trend nowadays seems to be resurrecting once loved bands in the hope they will recapture their adoring fans and find fame once again. So far there is no talk of The Corrs coming back to the charts. Andrea Corr seems to be the only sibling who has managed to stay in the public interest, having been pictured recently on holiday with her baby and no sign of post baby weight. Andrea was always the ‘face’ of the band,  fronted the majority of their songs and along with her sister’s Sharon and Caroline made ‘folk music’ sexy. With a certain image to maintain I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrea Corr has her own private number plate but if not Speedy Reg have a number of ACZ numbers to fit her initials, in particular ACZ 80 would be an ideal number as it’s a popular short number.

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