Car Registration Numbers for birthday boy William

Prince William blog


Future King of England and world celebrity Prince William turns 31 today. There has been much excitement for him lately as he awaits the birth of his first child with wife Catherine Middleton or ‘Kate’ as we all affectionately call her. Kate is due to give birth in early July so it will be nice for William to have his first child’s birthday so close to his own.

I am sure Kate often wonders what to get the man who has everything? The team at Speedy Reg have selected the perfect personalised car registration which she could present him with on his birthday, WIL 6. We all know Kate is extremely busy at the moment in preparation for her new arrival so Speedy Reg have selected this particular registration so that she won’t have to worry about which of Will’s vehicles this can be transferred on to, due to the fact that this is a dateless registration and can go onto any age of vehicle.

The other great thing is that this registration is held on retention certificate, which means that she won’t have to rush to get the paperwork in order straight away as it can be held on certificate until a more suitable time.

If your name is William or Will and you would be interested in purchasing this registration for yourself why not give the Speedy Reg sales team a call today to discuss your options?