Cheap number plates for your date of birth


Will blog

Have you always wanted a private number plate to suit not only your name but also your year of birth? Speedy Reg have a huge selection of private registrations to suit most years of birth but also dates of birth so for example if your name is Will and you were born in 1972 Speedy Reg have Wil 1972. If you can’t find the right registration to suit your year of birth then why not opt for your date of birth instead so for example if you were born on 26th September you could have a plate with 2609 and so on.

Many people can be secretive about their year of birth so perhaps the year of birth is not always the best option. It can also be a lot easier to work in the date and month of birth rather than try to find your year of birth. If you have a look on the Speedy Reg website you will find an easy search option where you can quickly search for date of birth number plates. If you can’t find what you are looking for then why not give the sales team at Speedy a call and they can talk you through your options or perhaps suggest other ideas.