Cherished registrations for Jackie



Today 28th July would have been the 84th birthday of former first lady and fashion icon Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She had an extremely interesting life and from a young age aspired to live the high life and always knew she was destined for great things.

Coming from a privileged background she was used to the best things in life and had a weakness for fine clothes and designer labels. If she had been in her youth today we are sure she would have wanted the best cherished registration she could get and we are sure she would have had a fleet of classy vehicles.

The team at Speedy Reg have found the perfect registration JAC 1K, which would not only be suitable for other Jacquelines or Jackies but also suitable for Jacks.

If your name is Jack, Jackie or Jacqueline and you are in the market for a one of a kind, exceptional registration then why not give the team at Speedy Reg a call to discuss your options.