Cherished Registrations for wine lovers

Merlot blog


Are you a wine connoisseur looking for the perfect cherished registration? If so Speedy Reg have the perfect private plate for your vehicle, especially if you are a Merlot fan.

ME12 LOT is an excellent registration for wine experts, vineyard owners, wine dealers or if a nice glass of Merlot happens to be your favourite tipple. This particular registration is held on a GB retention certificate and is a current style registration, which must be placed on a vehicle registered after March 2012, however if your vehicle ages does not suit it can always be held on retention until you have the suitable age of vehicle.

Holding a number on retention couldn’t be easier as you simply pay £25 each year to renew the certificate for a further year, you would also have to pay an administration cost to the company you purchase the retention from as they will have to renew it on your behalf.

If you fancy a ME12 LOT on your vehicle then why not give Speedy Reg a call today?