Happy birthday Kylie Minogue

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Aussie Queen of pop Kylie Minogue celebrates her 46th (yes we cant quite believe it either) birthday today. The star has been through many ups and downs in her career, having huge success in the 1980s and early 1990s. Her career dwindled a little during the 1990s after she tried to reinvent herself following a fling with fellow Aussie and bad boy Michael Hutchence. Since the early 2000’s though she has enjoyed a glittering career.

As she celebrates her birthday she also celebrates the launch of her new single ‘Crystallise’ for which she has released for Action Cancer. She allowed fans to help raise money by buying notes in the song and her aim was to sell every single note in the song (which she succeeded in doing) the song was then released just yesterday. All proceeds will also go to Action Cancer so no doubt a lot of money will be raised.

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