Are you looking for a Terry Number Plates?


Have you considered the Irish Combination TEZ? Which would make an excellent choice for Terry, TEZ 9 has just recently become available for sale.

The TEZ is a Northern Irish Number Platescombination and therefore can be transferred onto any age of vehicle. The TEZ 9 would be make an excellent choice of personalised registration for the veteran Irish Radio and TV broadcaster Terry Wogan.

Wogan has been a leading media personality in the UK since the late 1960s and is often referred to as a national treasure. He is perhaps best known in the United Kingdom for his BBC1 chat show Wogan, for his work presenting Children in Need, as the host of Wake Up to Wogan, the original host of the BBC game show Blankety Blank, a presenter of Come Dancing in the 1970s, and as the BBC’s commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest on radio and television from 1971 to 2008.

Can you think of any other famous Terry’s this registration would be suitable for?