Concerns over Google Street View

Google Street View

We’ve all been very impressed with Google Maps and especially Google Street View. It’s a very useful tool for locating somewhere you’re about to visit, planning a route or taking a nostalgic virtual walk around a town you used to live in. However there have been some concerns that it could also be used for nefarious purposes, advises SEO company SERPninja.

The system could be used by burglars to scope out a home to target without having to visit the location themselves; from the comfort of their own home they can check out which houses are most secluded, work out a quick and sheltered route and plan where to leave a vehicle etc. They can see at a glance which properties have outbuildings and which are not overlooked by the neighbours.

Google state that they blur out faces and number plates, however some number plates have slipped through and are visible for anyone to see. People are concerned that this could be used for fraudulent purposes by criminals.

So what should you do if your car number plate is visible on Google Street View? Well luckily it’s pretty simple. They have an easy reporting procedure, so to be on the safe side, just report it and they’ll work on getting it blurred out as soon as possible.