A gift fit for a King

Royal Present

There are plenty of perks if you’re a member of the Royal Family, you get to travel the world first class and you’ll also be given expensive gifts from foreign dignitaries keen to impress. In 2012 the British Royal Family were given many gifts while on their travels. Prince Charles has always shown an interest in the environment and so his gift from Denmark of an ecologically friendly bio fireplace was very apt.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were given eight woven palm floor mats on a recent visit to Malaysia, we don’t know whether they put them to good use or not!

Our favourite gift is that given to Prince Harry on a visit to Brazil;  personalised number plates that spells out HARRY.

Some gifts however are not quite so spectacular. Buckingham Palace issues a list of official gifts each year and on the list for 2012 were 436 books, 235 DVDs and CDs and a hand knitted tea cosy with a picture of the Queen and her Corgi dogs on it!

Photo credit: evocateur/ Foter.com/ CC BY-SA