Personalised number plates as a promotional strategy

Personalised number plates as part of your promotional strategy

There are four marketing principles that are important to every business – the product or service it sells, the price it sets for said product or service, how it will distribute that product or service and how it will promote it.

The key is to have all four marketing principles working for you. But the one that most business owners focus more on is promotion. Promotion is key to informing prospects, leads and customers that a service exists to solve their problems.

And right now, we, as consumers are exposed to more messages on a daily basis than our grandparents were exposed to in a year.

So the age-old question of how to stand out from the crowd is always top of mind for every business. Just the way you and I filter messages from businesses, your clients, prospects and leads do likewise.

It’s time to take a new approach.

A new way in which companies are increasingly using as part of their promotional strategy is to use personalised number plates. This is because businesses can market to their leads, prospects and clients indirectly. Many businesses use lettering on their vans or cars or perhaps even a full wrap-around cover. But the one place most drivers look is at the car in front and their number plate.

Chanel, the perfume and clothing giant, uses a personalised number plate to promote it’s big seller – Chanel No. 5. The delivery van that drives around the UK displays a very old, unique and valuable cherished number plate – ‘No. 5’ in honour of the famous perfume.

Lord Alan Sugar promotes himself on his car with his very valuable personalised number plate – AMS 1. Every episode of the UK’s The Apprentice displays his car and his personalised number plate. It’s very subtle and a fantastic indirect marketing tool.

And the good thing about personalised number plates is that they are no longer the remit of the big brands or wealthy business people.

Every business can have a personalised number plate

Driving schools, plumbers, taxis, marketing companies, bed and breakfasts, electricians and car dealers are all using personalised number plates as a marketing communications tool.

A plumbing company from London, Pimlico Plumbers, gained fame when they began to use personalised number plates. Starting with DRA 1N, they now have over 50 personalised number plates. Their range of personalised number plates include WE02 WEE, W4 TER and LAV 1. Customers call up and ask for a certain plumber with a certain van. So having a personalised number plate is working very well for this company.

Personalised plates offer a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. It can provide an extra level of diversification which allows you as a business to differentiate yourself from your competition.

In summary, not only will your new branded personalised plate promote your business, but it could give you some extra publicity. If you contact your local newspaper with photos of your new plate, then they will more than likely give you some editorial space. How about that for standing out above your competition and being remembered by your potential customers?

A personalised number plate can be a vital part of your promotional strategy.