2017 World Police and Fire Games Set to Start

The World Police and Fire Games is a sporting event for those who are in, or have retired from, the police or fire services. The event happens every two years, and as the last games was in 2015, this year is another chance for those in the service to pitch their athletic abilities against their colleagues all over the world.

It’s a massive event with around 10,000 people competing. That’s only slightly less than the number of entrants in the Olympic Games making the World Police and Fire Games the second biggest sporting event in the world! This year the event will be held in Los Angeles, with the Opening Ceremony and Parade of Athletes taking place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on August 7th.

The games are held in a different city each year, and it’s not just confined to the US, in 2013 the games were a little closer to home, being held in Belfast! Competitors gather from over 70 countries and it’s great for tourism too with the host city set to gain an extra 30,000 visitors over the ten days of the games.

There’s a huge range of sports to compete in, from the more traditional track and field races, to paintball and dragon boat races. There’s 65 different events in total. It’s safe to say, there’s an event for just about everyone!

The experience is so much more than just a sporting event for all those service men and women who get involved. It’s an amazing chance to meet up with people doing the same job as you, but from all over the world. The social aspect of the games is just as important as anything that happens on the track. Everyone leaves with some interesting insights and some new friends.

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