Let’s Be Friends – It’s Friendship Day!

The first Sunday in August is World Friendship Day. It’s a time to celebrate the friends you already have, and make some new ones!

It’s time to be a good friend. We’ve all got friends we care about and we plan to meet up or get in touch but life gets in the way, we all feel as if we are just too busy all the time. Eventually we can drift apart from friends, but don’t let this happen! Make a point to get in touch with friends on World Friendship Day. Call them, send them a text, make a nice comment on their Facebook page or arrange to meet up and have a bit of fun!

Perhaps you don’t feel as if you have enough friends? Friendship Day is a great opportunity to make some new ones. Perhaps you’ve recently moved to a new area and you haven’t made any friends at your new home yet. Look out for Friendship Day events. It could be the perfect chance to meet some great people who could become lifelong friends.

Or perhaps you’d like a pen friend? Corresponding with someone, perhaps at the other side of the world can be very rewarding. These days we all send emails and text messages, but there’s something lovely about getting a real letter through the post. It makes a lovely change from bills and junk mail. There are sites online where you can register to be a pen pal. Perhaps you could be a pen pal to an elderly person who can’t get out and about much. You’ll bring a little joy to their day and they are bound to have something interesting to tell you in return.

So don’t neglect your friends, it’s the day to get in touch and remind your true friends that you really do care about them, even if you forget to let them know sometimes!

If you’re a great friend, you might want a private plate that lets the world know. We’ve got some great ones to choose from. You could even choose two. One for you and one for your BFF!

So how about….



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