2017 Diesel Scrappage Scheme Will Go Ahead

The Government has announced that a scrappage scheme for diesel vehicles will be launched this year. In an attempt to reduce the numbers of diesel vehicles on our roads, it is thought that drivers will be offered up to £2000 for their old diesel vehicles when they opt to buy a vehicle that is better for the environment.

Studies show that nitrogen oxides emitted by diesel cars contribute to 40,000 premature deaths in the UK every year. So this scheme will hopefully go some way towards tackling air pollution. This is a turnaround from the advice given by previous governments. It’s not so long since we were being encouraged to buy diesel vehicles because it was believed they were actually better for the environment!

Big cities will be targeted first

It is believed that the scheme will be launched in some of our bigger cities first, those areas with the highest levels of air pollution such as London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Should you avoid buying a diesel car now?

The government have announced that neither petrol nor diesel cars will be for sale from 2040. Okay so that’s a long way in the future. Any car you buy now will likely be ready to be replaced by then anyway. However, new taxes for diesel owners are likely to be introduced soon. While these may only target pollution black spots, there is a chance it will be rolled out country wide eventually. Of course it’s good to do what we can to reduce pollution, so it is certainly worth looking at alternative options such as electric vehicles. But, personally, I wouldn’t be entirely put off buying a diesel at the moment, if it’s the best option for you right now. However, in another decade or so I’ll certainly be looking into the different choices and ensure I know exactly where I stand with the law on diesels and any taxes I may have to pay. If you live in London, eventually diesels may be banned from the city completely, so this is certainly something to think about if you regularly drive in London.

You could benefit now

While there has not yet been a date set for the launch of the official government scheme, some local dealerships are offering their own scrappage scheme, so if you’re in the market for a new car, it’s worth looking around to see if there are any offers in your area.