Some Secret Santa Inspiration



The concept of the office Secret Santa is a good one. You pick a name out of a hat and buy for just one of your colleagues, rather than feeling compelled to buy for all your friends, or being left feeling embarrassed when someone buys you a present and you didn’t bother to get them one!

However, once in a while we all pick out a name that leaves us stumped. You have the perfect gift in mind if you get Carol, you know she simply loves bath bombs from Lush. If you’d got foodie John you’d have bought him a gift set of herbs and spices, however you’ve picked out Steve from accounts. You barely know him. Now what?

Well chances are Steve drives a car. You can soon find that out and then you’ve got a wealth of great car related gifts you can choose from!

How about the deluxe Autoglym bodycare set available from Halfords for £13.99, it even comes in a nice gift box that will be very easy to wrap! A new tax disc holder is a nice gift, there are plenty available to choose from in any motoring store and it will easily fit into even the lowest Secret Santa budget. Another low-budget option would be an air freshener, a novelty shape, or a more high-tech one that you can plug into the warm air vents perhaps? A dinky toy model of the recipients own car is a thoughtful gift, perfect for them to keep on their desk.

So you see, motoring gifts are great for those troublesome Secret Santa moments, check out your local motoring store for some more present inspiration!