What Will You Be Reading on Book Lovers Day?

Are you a book lover? How do you like to read? Do you use an e-reader? Filling it up with thousands of books so you’ve got endless choice. It’s a great invention. You can take a hundred books on holiday and not have to pay for an extra suitcase. But, I have to say, I do like a ‘real’ book myself. I think it has something to do with working on a computer screen all day. I don’t want to spend my down time reading off a screen. Or maybe I’m just old fashioned? It’s also less annoying if you leave it on a train, and real books, well they just smell so good!

Books are pretty amazing. I’ll never understand people who say they don’t read. You can escape in a book, forget your troubles and disappear into another world. You can truly take a holiday in a book. If you’re a book lover, then make the most of August the 9th as it is Book Lovers Day. If your family are always complaining that you always have your nose in a book then this is one day when they can’t complain!

Perhaps you could take the opportunity to give a copy of your favourite book to a friend or colleague. If you have children, make a point of reading to them on the 9th.The gift of the love of books is one that will last a lifetime. Check out your local library too. There may be some Book Lovers Day events on. Perhaps a talk by a famous author, or a story-telling session for the kids

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