More personalisation on DVLA Number plates

Number Plates

More personalisation than you might think with a DVLA plate

Don’t dismiss DVLA license plates as boring and lacking in personalisation options. They’re a great price, and there’s lots of scope for adding your name, initials, age or a memorable year such as your wedding or the birth of a child.

Current style DVLA plates consist of two letters, perfect for your initials, followed by a year code then three more letters. Those last three letters are ideal for spelling out a short name such as Sue, Jan, Pat, Bob, Tom and of course many more.

You can easily search for a DVLA Number plate on the Speedy Reg website. You can select the letters or numbers you want, and then select ‘Any’ for those you’re not particular about and in a matter of seconds you will see all the available options that contain your chosen characters along with their prices. You’ll also see at a glance the All Inclusive price, so you won’t be stung by any hidden extra charges when you buy your new plates. There are so many variations you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Photo credit: chris zerbes / / CC BY-NC-ND