DVLA Website Confuses Classic Car Owners for 2 Years

For two years, the online DVLA information regarding black and white number plates has been incorrect and this has caused quite a bit of confusion for classic car owners!
Two years ago the law was changed with regards to which vehicles can display the traditional black and white plates that were the standard before the modern type were brought in. The change stated that historic number plates would work on the same rolling principle as tax exemption for such vehicles.

However, no one remembered to update the DVLA website for two whole years! Up until just a few days ago the website stated that all vehicles manufactured after January the 1st 1973 must display a reflex-reflecting number plate, that is, the type of plate we use nowadays. The site then went on to say that cars manufactured prior to January 1st 1973 could display the traditional black and white plates.

So there have been owners of historic cars who would have loved to display an authentic black and white plate on their vehicles, but thought they couldn’t as the DVLA website stated that it was illegal!

It was the eagle-eyed Classic Car Weekly that brought the error to the attention of the DVLA and they soon put it right.

Thankfully the website has now been updated so everyone is being given accurate information. The website now states, correctly, that ‘Since April 2016 vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1976 can display the older style plates’.