Say Cheers and Raise a Glass to International Beer Day

August 4th is International Beer Day. I’m sure many of us won’t need much of a push to get together and join in the celebrations! It’s a day for all beer lovers to celebrate all things beer! It’s not just about drinking beer, it’s also a day for saying thank you to our favourite bar staff and breweries. Why not drop your favourite brewery a thank you email? Or pop into your local and say cheers to that friendly barman who always remembers what you drink and serves it with a smile? This would of course be a great excuse for a pint of your favourite beer too!

So how can you celebrate Beer Day? Well you can search online for events in your area. Maybe your local pub will be putting something on? If not, you could arrange something yourself! Gather friends, relatives and colleagues together. You could go to a pub, or why not get in some speciality beers and turn your garden into a beer garden!

You could take the opportunity to try some beers you’ve never tasted before. You could have a beer crawl around the world by sampling some beers from different countries.

If you love beer, then how about a boozy private plate? Even if beer isn’t your tipple of choice, you don’t need to feel left out, we’ve got a drink themed private plate for everyone! Let’s take a look at some you could choose….

How about an ALE plate? You could have ALE 22Y ALE 125Y or P8 ALE. You could go for E6 KEG or D12 KEG. What’s your favourite beer? Love an ice cold Budweiser? Then you’ll love 7 BUD or BUD 44R. If you drink Sol then we’ve got SOL 22Y, G11 SOL and SOL 36Y for you.

But if beer’s not really your thing, then why not simply type the name of your drink of choice into our search box and see what you can find. If you drink rum we’ve got the brilliant 123 RUM available. Or even if you’d rather simply have a nice cup of tea, we’ve got the ideal plate for you too… 15 TEA!

You must always be careful to know your limits and not drink too much, or else you may need this plate… PA55 OUT

Check out the official International Beer Day website for more information, you can even download your own celebratory poster!

Enjoy International Beer Day but please remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.