Buying a DVLA number plate for your car

Number Plates

You can pick up a great DVLA number plate for a very low price. You can pick and choose your letters and numbers so there’s plenty of scope for personalisation, however, there’s one thing you must bear in mind, these are plates that show the date of issue and so you are not legally allowed to have a plate on your car that makes your car appear to be younger than it actually is, so this may limit your choice a little. You can though have a plate with an older date on, so you’re not just limited to one single year.

It’s not too much of a problem though, if you simply can’t find the plate you want within the DVLA format search, here at Speedy Reg we have a huge array of dateless plates that you can have on any car, regardless of age. Having a dateless plate needn’t be expensive either. We’ve got dateless plates starting at £99 and under. It’s the perfect solution if you’d rather hide the age of your car.

Buying your number plate from us is very easy. Using the simple search facility you’ll be able to find your perfect plate. The system will make suggestions if you put in a word or numbers you’d like included. There are plenty of payment options, whether you want to pay by credit or debit card, bank transfer, Paypal or even postal orders it’s no problem. We can even make your new plates for you at a cost of just £20 a pair and that includes VAT and P&P!

Photo credit: rbrwr / / CC BY-SA