New registration available for Jemma

Jem12a kid


Speedy Reg have just recently acquired a brand new Jemma registration, which is particularly good if you were born on the 12th, in December or if your favourite number is 12. JEM 12A is an ideal registration as it really looks like Jemma and the good news is if you don’t currently have a vehicle to transfer the registration onto you can hold it on certificate. This registration is currently held on a retention certificate and as this is a new stock number for Speedy Reg you have nearly a full year to transfer it.

If you want to hold off on transferring it for a while you simply need to renew the certificate each year, Speedy Reg will correspond with you each year at least a month in advance to remind you that it is due for renewal.To purchase this registration you can buy now online or you can give the sales team today.