Is your name Rigby, Rig or Rigall?


If your name is Rigby, Rigg or Rigall did you know that the perfect personalised registration is just a click away? If you have always imagined yourself driving about with your own personalised number plate but thought it was just a pipe dream or something only available to the rich and famous well think again!

The recently released RIG registrations are native to County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland and are available now to be transferred to any UK registered vehicle. If you are between vehicles at the moment but still want to snap up that perfect number plate then you can hold the registration on a retention certificate for up to ten years. This is an excellent option for anyone who has spotted their perfect registration but doesn’t have a suitable vehicle to transfer it to.

This applies even if the registration is coming off another vehicle. The cost is the same to transfer a registration onto a retention certificate as it is to transfer to a vehicle. As the transfer fee is prepaid you do not have to pay again to transfer the registration from a retention certificate to a vehicle.

Speedy Reg have a huge selection of RIG registrations and the selection is growing . You could find your perfect RIG number from just £50.00 plus the VAT and fees however if you are looking for a nicer style of number you will have to pay a little extra, we however are open to offers and will never refuse a sensible offer to purchase.

As an example if your surname is Rigby and your birthday is on 1st March 1981 your perfect registration could be RIG 1381 standing for 1/3/81. This plate is priced at a very reasonable £99 plus the VAT and DVLA fee. If you are in the market for a nice number and your budget is negotiable why not consider RIG 2332, RIG 2299, RIG 1771 or RIG 1003.

In terms of the 3×3 RIG numbers currently there are very few on the market therefore there would be little room for negotiation in terms of price however RIG 212 and RIG 747 are available today on certificate and reasonable offers will be considered.

As a service Speedy Reg will complete the entire transfer for you and will not charge you an admin fee if you have recently purchased the registration through them. We do not make it compulsory to purchase the physical plates from our website and we do not have any hidden fees on top of your purchase. We like to be upfront about everything so we will keep you informed of any delays or any further costs that may be incurred (such as credit card charges or DVLA fees).

If you would like to discuss any of our registrations or if you require any information regarding your registration we are just a phone call away.