DSA and VOSA merge

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Although they work closely together, the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) and VOSA (the Operator Services Agency) are currently two separate government agencies. After three months of consultation, it has been decided that from April 2014 this will change, as the two bodies will merge to become the DVSA or Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

These two agencies currently have two distinct roles. The DSA is concerned with setting standards for driving tests, and VOSA are involved with vehicle safety standards.

Bringing the two agencies together should make for a more efficient service, as the new DVSA will process applications for lorry and bus operating licenses, enforce vehicle laws, conduct tests, provide training, deal with vehicle recalls and much more.

It is hoped that this merger will cut costs and so will help to reduce fees for customers, which can only be a good thing! The customer service aspect will also be streamlined meaning faster response times and a higher level of service.

It has been stated that the changeover will be gradual, so customers will not notice any decline in quality of service during the transition period.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net