Pointers for test driving

Pointers for Test driving

Test driving a car you’re considering buying can be a difficult experience. You’re focusing on the driving and it can be easy to forget what you should be looking for.  Be calm, and take your time. Don’t be rushed. It’s a good idea to take someone with you, between you, you’ll have a better chance of checking everything and asking all the right questions.

First, feel the engine. It should be cold, if it feels warm, it could mean the owner is hiding a starting issue.

Take your kids and see how you all fit in. Do the car seats fit? Does everyone have enough room? Can you adjust your seat and steering wheel so you’re comfortable?

Listen carefully for any unusual noises. They could signal trouble. Focus your attention on the steering and brakes. Are they responsive?

Try and drive the car in a variety of situations, such as through a busy town and on a motorway.

Check the boot. Is it at the right height for your shopping? Can you fit your golf clubs in? You need this car to work for your lifestyle, so think about how you live, and work out if this car will work for you.

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