Changes arising from the closure of Coleraine DVA

Taxing your Vehicle

If you live in NI, the centralisation of NI vehicle services will mean some changes for you. You will now benefit from the same services as motorists in the rest of the UK. You will no longer be able to tax or register a vehicle through a local DVA office or by post via DVA Coleraine. You will however, now be able to tax your vehicle online or over the phone, and you’ll also have access to registration and licensing services at the Post Office. Around 175 Post Office branches across NI will be offering these extended services. The online services are set to go live on July 21st.

There are no changes to testing and you won’t need to change your motor tax book (V5C) however, if you need to make changes, forms now need to be sent to the DVLA Swansea rather than to DVA Coleraine. Send any correspondence to the DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DD.

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