Did you know Irish Number plates include combination such as AGZ, RIG, CGZ?


If you’re looking for an unusual number plate then you need look no further than our Irish Number Plates. There are some really unique character combinations available such as AGZ, CGZ and the recently released RIG plates.

You’ll love our Irish number plates. They are all exceptionally good value, with prices starting from just £40! What a bargain!

Irish plates stand out from other plates and they’re always popular with our customers. Once you understand that it’s easy to purchase an Irish plate, that they are legal to display on your UK vehicle and that you can get some great deals, it’s easy to see that they’re a fantastic option.

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Sometimes buying an Irish plate can take quite a while to process, but that’s not the case when you buy your new Irish number plate from us. We specialise in Irish plates, our head office is based in County Fermanagh so we have a wealth of great contacts in Ireland to ensure that all our Irish plate transfers are completed fast.

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We’re always on hand to offer advice, answer your questions or give you an update on the progress of