The Largest Selection of Irish Number Plates Available


When you’re looking for a private plate, what is important to you? Price no doubt, well you’ve no worries there as we will match or beat any Irish plate quote. You’ll want an easy transaction with a reputable company, well we tick both those boxes too. We’ve been selling plates for over thirty years and we’ve a fantastic track record for customer service. You’ll also want your transfer fast. Getting a new set of plates is exciting and you don’t want to be waiting ages for them! Again, you’ve come to the right place as we offer the fastest transfers in the marketplace.

But the main thing you want, is your perfect plate. Now we don’t know what you might want, you may want your name, so we do make sure we have a huge selection of plates to suit any name, but perhaps you want your initials or a memorable date such as your wedding date or the date of birth of your child.

Because there are so many plates you might want, our only way to ensure you find the plate you really want, is to offer so many plates there’s a perfect plate for everyone! Our selection of Irish number plates is the biggest you’ll find anywhere. You won’t find a larger selection with any other dealer.

What’s more, we store thousands of plates on motorbikes so the transfer time is even quicker. We specialise in Irish plates. They represent amazing value, in fact our Irish plates start at just £40, so owning a private plate is now very affordable. Irish plates look good and additionally, they are all dateless, so you can have your very own personalised license plate and also hide the age of your older vehicle for just £40. That’s fantastic value!

If you’re not aware, Irish plates are road legal anywhere in the UK so there’s no need to worry that you’ll get pulled over for having an illegal plate! Irish plates are gaining in popularity as customers realise these plates are very cheap, but also look very unique as the Irish number plate system is different to that of the rest of the UK. You’ll find some combinations that you won’t find elsewhere, and they tend to be shorter too, but without the high price tag associated with short standard UK plates. Unlike the rest of the UK, Irish plates are allowed to have an I in them, so this is good news if your name has an I in it eg. If your name is Jill you can have JIL 5847 which you wouldn’t be able to get if you only searched the standard plates.

So take a look on our site and see our entire selection of Irish plates. We’re pretty sure you’ll find the plate you’ve been looking for!