Irish Number Plates to Suit All Budgets


If getting good value for money is important to you, you’ll love our Irish number plates. We have Irish plates to suit every budget.

Irish plates are our best kept secret. It’s amazing really, we love them, so we’re not trying to keep them a secret, there really is enough to go round, but so many people just haven’t heard of them!

Our Irish plates are plates from Northern Ireland. They have a different number plate system there, so you’ll see instantly that they look unique with combinations such as RIG and AGZ. However, despite being part of a different system, it’s fine to use them on a plate in England, Scotland or Wales! This is great news as it gives you even more choice when you’re searching for a plate, but what most people are impressed with, is the price of these Irish plates. They really are very cheap!

We do offer some great deals on all types of plates, but Irish plates are our very cheapest. It’s no wonder they sell well. You can pick up a really good personalised Irish plate for as little as £40. We have thousands of Irish plates in the £40-50 price bracket so these days owning a private plate needn’t be a huge expense.

We think cheap personalised plates are just fantastic as it means everyone can have one! It would be a shame if you could only own a private plate if you were rich and had money to spare. Well let’s face it, while private plates are fabulous, they do tend to be a bit of a luxury item. You really shouldn’t be buying a new private plate when you’ve got your bills to pay, but now you can pick one up for £40 you don’t need to worry about being frivolous! Just skip that takeaway this evening and spend the cash on a new plate instead!

So whether you’re spending £40 or £40,000 don’t overlook our Irish plates when you’re searching. When you find the plate you want, just click on BUY and we’ll get your transfer sorted in a jiffy! It’s dead easy and we are as speedy as our name suggests when it comes to transferring plates! We’ve got plenty of payment options, you can pay by card, PayPal or you can choose to spread your payments with our convenient interest free finance option.