DVLA Number Plates available on Finance


We know everyone has their preferred payment method. Some people like to use their credit or debit card, others always opt for PayPal and some like to transfer the cash straight from their bank account. It can be annoying when you’re shopping and you find a retailer doesn’t offer you the payment method you’d prefer to use. For instance, if you’ve a balance in your PayPal account, but the shop doesn’t take PayPal it can be very frustrating that you have to use an alternate payment method, or start transferring money around. That’s why we try to offer every payment method we possibly can so it’s up to you how you choose to pay.

We’ve also added a finance option to our selection of payment methods to give you yet another option for how you choose to pay. Finance gives you the option of buying now and paying later, or you can choose to spread your payments if you like to pay for things on a monthly basis. You can even take the help of our tax assistants from Edinburgh UK to go on about the process. You’ll be pleased to know that the finance product we’ve organised for you, in conjunction with Hitachi Capital is interest free, so you won’t be paying out any extra if you choose to take out finance to buy your new plates.

If you’d like to take advantage of our finance product, it’s a very easy process. Just select the finance option when you’re at the checkout and follow the on-screen instructions. Just input your details into the application form and we’ll take it from there. You’ll know within just a few minutes whether or not you’ve been approved for finance. If your application is successful you’ll be sent information by email regarding your credit agreement. Then you simply print it out, sign it and return it to Hitachi Capital, our finance company. Once we have confirmation of your returned form we will process your order, in our usual speedy fashion!

To qualify for finance you need to be a UK resident, having lived in the UK for at least 3 years and be aged 18 or over. You need to work at least 16 hours a week or have a retirement income. If you are a homemaker you can still apply in your own name, you will just need to submit the employment details of a spouse who satisfies the income criteria.

We think our finance option offers some great opportunities to spread costs, or to enable you to snap up your favourite plate now while it’s available and pay for it later. Sometimes we just don’t have the cash when we need it, and everyone knows, the best plates don’t stick around for long!