Who buys Cherished Number Plates?


Who buys cherished number plates? Well, when you’ve been in the number plate business for over 30 years you’ve seen plates bought by just about every type of person you could ever imagine! However, there are several types of people who keep coming back to us for their plates.

The Investors

One such group of people are those looking, not so much for a fun new plate, but for an investment opportunity. The fun plate is just a rather nice ‘side effect’ of such an investment. These wise investors know that their money is safe in number plates. You can invest as much or as little as you like, and of course you get to use the plates if you wish, while you’re waiting for a return on your investment. Cherished plates are good at keeping their value, and often increase in value too. Pick wisely and you could make a lot of money. Spot the next big thing in the pop world,a new craze or a name that’s starting to increase in popularity and you could be on to a big winner. For example, if you’d spotted One Direction before they were famous, and predicted they would become popular, you could have snapped up some 1D plates, and now they’d certainly be worth more. Investing in number plates is becoming more and more popular in an unstable financial climate.

The Business Owners

Clever business owners don’t miss a trick, and if you think about it, a cherished number plate is a great way to advertise. It’s very cost effective, for a one off purchase you’ve got an advert that will last a lifetime, that you can take out and about and it will be seen. With prices starting at just £40, an apt private plate can be a real asset to any business, and of course, if you don’t want it any more you can sell it, so your money is never really gone, it’s simply invested.

The Show-offs

Well it’s in us all isn’t it? Let’s be honest, when many of us buy new plates, we want to impress people. We want to turn heads, we want people to think our plate is cool. They’re not called vanity plates for nothing, and we think there’s nothing wrong in that. It’s a bit of fun that makes you happy, and it lasts longer than a pair of designer heels!

The Thoughtful Gift Giver

Some people rush to the shops and buy the first thing they see, others give money or vouchers. But for some people, it’s important to give the perfect gift, to put the thought in, and pick out something that will be truly appreciated. Cherished plates make the ideal thoughtful gift. It’s a one-off personalised gift, that shows the giver has really put some effort into choosing it. Any car driver would love to receive a private plate for a wedding gift or a birthday present. Give a personalised license plate as a present and you can be sure it will be gratefully received.