New THZ Irish Plates become available

New THZ Registrations

THZ stands for terahertz. That’s one trillion hertz, or 1000 gigahertz. DARPA, the US military’s R&D department have recently created the first one terahertz computer chip, and earned their place in the Guinness Book of Records for it. It’s unlikely we’ll have such a computer in our homes any time soon, but if you’re a lover of incredible speed, or super advanced technology, a THZ plate could be a very cool addition to your car and they are now available to purchase! You’ll also be amazed by our prices.

Some example bargain THZ plates

Right now we have some amazing THZ plates available. Some of our favourites, which we think are incredibly good value are:

THZ 303  – available now for just £380

THZ 656 – available now for just £450

THZ 1166 – available now for just £250

THZ 1163 – available now for just £99

Not just great value

These new THZ plates, along with all our other Irish plates are not only great value, they are also dateless! This means that no one will know how old your vehicle is, and when it comes to choosing a plate, you are not restricted in your options. You cannot display a plate on your vehicle that makes it look younger than it really is, it’s a legal requirement, so if you have an older vehicle, it can really limit your choices. With Irish plates however, you don’t need to think about it as they are all dateless.

Easy transfer

Don’t be put off buying an Irish plate because you think it may be more complicated or time consuming. Our Irish plates are very popular and so we’ve become experts in transferring them. The process is no more complicated than ordering any other plate, we keep everything as simple as possible for you. You can also depend on us to get your new plates transferred to you fast. Of course, it is 100% legal to display Irish plates on your UK vehicle.

Looking for THZ inspiration?

We’ve only listed a handful of examples above, but have plenty more in stock. If you’d like to see the full selection, simply type THZ into our search engine located on the home page of our website at You’ll see all our dateless THZ plates listed. Then it’s a simple process of clicking BUY NOW and following the instruction to make your payment via Card, PayPal or 0% finance. Or if you have any questions you’d like answering before you make your purchase, click on the ENQUIRE button to send us a message, or simply pick up the phone and give us a call on 02866 387124.

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