Speedy Reg are number one! Our reviews prove it.


In a fast paced, modern world where you can have what you want at the click of a button it is often difficult to know who you can trust in terms of reliability.  Because there is so much competition online now no matter what you go to buy it is so easy to just click on the first site you see without really looking into it and doing your research. Google is a very powerful tool and can help you find out what you need to know or to bring you what you need.

Just because a company is high up in terms of Google rankings does not necessarily mean it is the best company for you. For example a company may be top of the Google rankings but may be offering a registration number at a higher price than another company. It often helps to shop and look around before you commit to anything.

Most websites will have reviews posted somewhere or may be connected to a review centre. For example if you are booking a holiday you will most likely do some research before committing to anything. Sites such as Trip Advisor are a valuable source of information for holiday makers and many people will book a hotel based on the information they have read on this site. Why should it be any different with any other purchase?

For peace of mind many of us will research a new product before purchasing to ensure you are getting the right one for you. From mobile phones to vacuum cleaners we all need to find the right one before parting with our money and we will often shop around to find the best value for money. Why would this be any different in terms of a new registration for your vehicle.

In most cases you will find that some sites have things cheaper than others and the same applies for private registrations. You just have to shop around for them. Speedy Reg are industry leaders in terms of cheap registrations and hold the majority of Irish and cheap Irish registrations.

If you take a look on our review centre powered through ‘Trust Pilot’ the results speak for themselves. Mr J Jeffries said “In my covering letter to them of 4 June 2015, I said: “Finally, may I congratulate you on an excellent and efficient service, so sadly lacking elsewhere! Five gold stars!” Add to this Speedy Registration’s reliability factor in taking action when promised without prompting, and they have an unbeatable formula.”

Mr Jim Ackroyd said “My wife bought me a personal plate for my 70th. This was through Speedy Registrations. This firm is so aptly named! Talk about quick – all done in just over a week, marvellous service indeed. I then ordered the actual plates from them as locally I was being messed about. Again, only 3 days and I had them on the car. If you phone them be prepared for a quick-fire conservation as well as they really don’t mess about. What a service, recommended by me to anyone needing this type of service.”

If you are looking for excellent customer service, value for money and a quick turnaround then look no further than Speedy Reg. You can order online or give them a call and speak to one of our experienced sales team today for friendly help and advice.