Cheap Irish Number Plates from £40?


We’ve been selling our cheap Irish number plates from just £40 for quite a long time now, but people are still surprised when they hear about it. They can’t believe that you can really get a private plate for such a low price and wonder what the catch is.

Well there really isn’t one, honestly! We’ve been asked many times if it’s legal to display these Irish plates on a vehicle that isn’t registered in Ireland, and we can guarantee you that it is totally legal. We transfer Irish plates to vehicles all over the UK on a daily basis and it’s a very simple, and completely legal process! We get a very good deal on Irish plates, so we’re able to pass these savings on to our customers, giving you the chance to buy a cheap plate and making private plate ownership accessible to everyone.

Just because our Irish plates are cheap, doesn’t mean there’s any compromise on personalisation or choice. We actually think our Irish plates are some of the best looking plates we’ve got. Irish plates are shorter than the DVLA plates we’re used to over here, so they naturally have a more personalised look about them. We also have an absolutely huge selection so you’ll still be spoilt for choice, even if you’re on a tight budget for your new plates.

Some people worry that buying an Irish plate will be complicated and time consuming. I can assure you that it really isn’t, you’ve absolutely no need to worry. Because our Irish plates are so great looking and so cheap, we sell a massive amount of them. We’ve been selling Irish plates for decades, day in, day out, so we really do know what we’re doing and we’ve streamlined all our processes over the years to make sure it all goes smoothly and you can get your plates as soon as possible. We promise you won’t be waiting long!

As an added bonus, there is no year identifier on Irish plates, making them all dateless, so if you’re wanting a plate that doesn’t give away the age of your vehicle, Irish plates are a good, cheap way of doing this. Visit our website now and take a look at all the cheap Irish plates we have available. I think you’ll be impressed with the massive selection we always have on offer. I think you’ll find our site easy to use, and the checkout process is very straightforward, but if you have any problems or need any extra help with finding your perfect cheap Irish plate then do call us or email us, we have extended opening hours for our customer service phone lines, so you can call us at a time that’s convenient to you.