What makes personalised number plates different?


What is it about a number plate that makes it a personalised plate rather than just an ordinary plate? What is it that makes them different from the rest?

Well, a personalised number plate is a plate that stands out from the crowd. A number plate that you notice, a plate that turns heads and is a talking point. When you buy a car, you are issued with a number plate from the DVLA. You’ll be allocated one at random, you don’t have any choice with regards to the characters on the plate, basically, you get what you’re given! The only part of the plate you can have some choice over is if you’re buying a new car and you choose the year in which to buy it, as the year identifier is unique to that year. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll get your perfect plate simply by waiting for your favourite number to come along in the sequence, and pretty pointless too when there are so many amazing personalised plates out there for bargain prices! The only way your standard DVLA plate is going to have any personalisation for you, is if you change your name to match it. I actually know someone who did this. But even if you did fancy becoming Matthew Nzm or Rachael Maf, with prices for truly personalised plates starting at just £40, it would cost you more to change your name by deed poll, so really, it’s a silly option for a variety of reasons!

A personalised number plate is different because it’s much more than just a random selection of letters and numbers. It’s a selection of letters and numbers that has been personally chosen by you, for your unique reasons. You’ve chosen it because it means something to you. It spells a word that is personal to you, perhaps your name, or something that represents your business. Or perhaps you’ve chosen your plate because it’s short, with only a few letters and numbers. Either way, you’ve picked a plate that looks different from the rest. You’ve chosen a plate that no one would get simply by being allocated their plate from the DVLA at random.

A personalised plate is specially chosen, and everyone will recognise your plate as a personalised plate. Of course every plate is unique, so no one else will have the same plate as you, which makes choosing fun. However, if you spot a plate that you love, you run the risk of someone else thinking the same thing and buying it before you do, so it’s always a good idea to snap up a plate if you think it’s just perfect for you. You can always have it transferred onto a retention certificate if you don’t want it on your vehicle just yet. We’re always happy to do this for you, just let us know when you place your order.