Buy Now Pay later on Plates over £199

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There are some things in life that are incredibly annoying. Missing the bus, those people who stop for a chat in the middle of the aisle in the supermarket, all those lost socks that disappear leaving their partner alone, miserable and useless. I could go on, but here at Speedy Reg we’re not moaners, we’re doers. We like to right some of the wrongs in the world. We like to think of ourselves a bit like Robin Hood, except we don’t rob the rich. In fact, we don’t give to the poor either, so we’re actually really rubbish at being Robin Hood, but we do like to try and make life a little easier for our customers. That’s why we’ve introduced our finance option.

Now you may be thinking that it’s not really very helpful to anyone, that we’ll offer up the option to spread payments, but charge a small fortune in interest. However, you’d be totally wrong. Our finance option is actually really brilliant as it’s totally, 100%, entirely interest free. So you won’t pay any more than anyone buying their plates outright, but you have the added advantage of spreading your payments, or simply buying now, enjoying now and paying later, at the end of the interest free term.

If this sounds useful to you, then the next step is to pick out your new plate, if you haven’t already got your eye on one. We have literally thousands of plates, but don’t let that stress you out as we’ve made it very simple to narrow down your choices so you’re not overwhelmed and drowning in a long long list of plates. Our search engine is easy to use, just type in a word, name or special number and you’ll get lots of suggestions. Choosing is hard work, but we know you’ll find something that is totally apt for you. Once you’ve made your choice, just click on the BUY button, and then if you’d like to take advantage of the interest free finance offer, then you simply need to select this option at the checkout. The process is straightforward, there’s a short form to fill out and you’ll get an instant decision as to whether or not you’ve been approved for credit. Then it’s just a case of printing out and returning a couple of pieces of paperwork. You’ll find more information on the process of applying for our credit product on our website, or you can always call us or send us an email.

As soon as your paperwork is delivered to the finance company, we’ll start processing your order and your plate will be with you fast. We certainly don’t hang about when it comes to number plate transfers!

So if you’ve had an annoying day, if your colleague has stolen your stapler and you’ve discovered that the bargain priced designer trainers you’ve ordered on eBay are actually children’s size, take time out from annoyance and take a look at our rather lovely and highly useful finance option.